Let's Go!

Here There's Ken Tsui hits the road with Modo and Vitamin Daily for six playful web-series adventures across the city. Along for the ride are some of Vancouver's talented, funny and creative people. From chefs, farmers, comedians, athletes, tap dancers to entertainers, Let's Go zips around town on a fun-filled adventure. 

Hitting the Trails

with Juice Truck & Tight Club

Inexperienced outdoorsman, Ken Tsui teams up with Keighty Gallagher from Tight Club for his first summit of Quarry Rock in Deep Cove. Ryan and Zach from Juice Truck join them sharing juice and stories.

Call Your Mom

with Cory Ashworth & Nelson the Seagull

Cory Ashworth wanted to surprise his mom with special Mother's Day lunch, so Here There's Ken and Nelson the Seagull's Lee Snelgar hop in a Modo to help him out with a special meal. 

The Case of the Curious Hat

With Talent Time

Here There's Ken Tsui teams up with the host of Talent Time, Paul Anthony. Together they're on the hunt for a special prop for Paul's show. Based on a rumour they hop in a Modo and hit the road for a Hardy Boys-style mystery caper!

The Great Dumpling Debate

with Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

Here There's Ken Tsui is hittin' the road on the search for the best soup dumplings in the city. He's bringing along chefs of Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie to help him out. 

Bullshit History

with Alicia Tobin

Here There's Ken Tsui visits the birthplace of British Columbia and takes a very legitimate (100% factually true) historical tour with comedian, Alicia Tobin.